Shipibo Rao 2021 Schedule

It is possible to diet outside the set programmes when the Maestr@s are on site.
Please get in touch with us to enquire.

Our Maestr@s usually travel outside of Peru offering retreats, we are aiming to offer those spaces again within few months. Contact us to figure on our contact list and to be informed of the dates and places where you can join us and to begin your application process for a Master Plant Dieta.

You can contact us directly for longer dietas and long  individual dietas.

We are looking forward to meet you!

1th – 14th of July 2021

14 Days Group Healing Master Plant Dieta 
Maestro: José 
Facilitator: Anne-Laure



18th – 31th of July 2021

14 Days Group Healing Master Plant Dieta 
Maestro: José 
Facilitator: Anne-Laure

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04th – 17th August 2021

14 Days Group Healing Master Plant Dieta 
Maestro: José 
Facilitator: Javier – Anne-Laure

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Only those who come or have a stopover (in the 14 last days) in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Brazil cannot enter Peru.

The information that you must take into account to enter Peruvian territory is the following:

For Everyone:

▶ ️ Mandatory use of a surgical mask (not cloth) and a face shield or protective glasses at all times during the flight and within the airport facilities.

▶ ️ Negative result of the PCR test or antigenic test up to 72 hours old after the result was issued (closest to 48 hours is best). Usually test made at the airport at your depature point are fastly done, and come with a certificate in english, best for travelling.

▶ ️Affidavit of Health and Geolocation Authorization(Declaracion Jurada). The format can be found on the website of the National Superintendency of Migration:

▶ ️ Sources: Ministerial Resolution No. 810-2020-MINSA:ónMINSA

Additionally, consider that the negative test with which you come to Peru will allow you to enter the country. To avoid the quarantine, another would have to be done at your arrival in Lima or at your at final destination (Pucallpa) and that this also has a negative result.  The center could potentially be considered your quarantine location.  Take in consideration that the norms are constantly evolving.

For more information on tests and quarantine, you can contact the service channel of the Ministry of Health: WhatsApp INFOSALUD: +51 952 842 623 (only WhatsApp messaging) E-mail:

 This information is given by the Peruvian minister of tourism contactable via whatsapp at+51 944 492 314.  The Lima airport facebook page and, the Peruvian minister of transportation and of course the consulate of Peru in your country are also good sources of information. Please check the border entry requirements of your home country or any country you intend to travel to after Peru, so that you can plan accordingly.


We are very much looking forward to meet you again soon!


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