Shipibo Rao 2021 Schedule

At the moment our masetros are able to help you with distance healing in ceremonies or with surrogate dietas.

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There has been back and forth movements in the opening of Peru’s borders since the beginning of November.  At the moment the borders are closed for Europe and South Africa until the 28th of February.  The people coming from other countries have to do quarantine arriving in Peru, with the obligation to present a  72 hour old negative covid test. 

To receive current and complete  information on how to travel to Peru you can send a whatsapp message to the Peruvian minister of tourism (+51 944 492 314).  The Lima airport facebook page and, the Peruvian minister of transportation and of course the consulate of Peru in your country are also good sources of information.

However, there is a lot of uncertainty within Peru regarding internal travels, so for now we are not able to receive people at the center. We will keep you informed.


We are very much looking forward to meet you again soon!


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