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Shipibo Rao is a center for traditional Shipibo plant-spirit healing and apprenticeship founded by Maestro José Lòpez Sànchez

We offer a profound work combining Ayahuasca Ceremonies with Master Plants Dietas from the Peruvian Amazon.
Reaching the roots of trauma, imbalance, disorder and physical illness, this work initiates a profound journey of self-discovery, and spiritual transformation.
We are dedicated to the well-being of humanity, the protection of the forest and its medicines.

For the Shipibo people, the plants of the forest are sentient beings with the capacity to communicate, the power to heal and wisdom to teach. 

A master plant dieta allows you to establish and nurture a deep connection with your soul, as well as with the plant spirit you diet, that can become your ally, guide and protector in life. 


Master Plant Dieta

The master plant dieta is a process in which the dietero enters in full or partial isolation in the forest for a period of time of a week up to a year, respecting a very limited diet in order to cultivate a relationship with a plant to receive its teaching and healing gifts.

This powerful work often results in deep transformation in your life and your relations.

Our Care

We run our center as a family with the support of a team of highly experienced and caring Shipibo healers and dedicated international students.

Our dietas are given with care and personal attention, we guide you to the right master plant to support your unique path of healing and growth.  We work with additional plant treatments for long-standing physical illness.


Our team of experimented facilitators bridge the shipibo and the western worlds to offer you a safe, deep and gentle encounter with the plant-spirit universe.


We offer four types of traditional dietas, starting from a week up to a year.

Group Healing Dieta

They last from one week to a month and include the accompaniment and support of an experienced western facilitator, the daily care of our healers, a vomitive tea, flower baths, steam baths, and other additional plant treatments, guided communion with one master plant, a high number of ayahuasca ceremonies, individual consultations, traditional dieta food, integration and post dieta follow up.

Long Healing and Alignment Dieta

From one to four months, these are powerful, highly effective, traditional dietas, only for people with a minimum of 14 days dieta experience who are willing to seriously take responsibility for their self-development and personal transformation. These will help resolve deeply rooted situations, on all levels, with one dieta.

Apprenticeship Dieta

The long healing and alignment dieta can lead to learning dietas, following a sincere calling to heal others. They can last from one month up to a year.

Distance Healing: Surrogate Dietas & Ceremonies

As ancestral high level healers traditionally worked on their patients through surrogates before working with them directly,  Maestro José calls your soul to the Amazon.  He is then able to works on the imbalances and misalignments in your energetic matrix, and provides deep healing, without the need for you to drink ayahuasca or be physically present in ceremony.

As many are unable to travel at this time and some are unable to make the journey to Peru even under “normal” travel circumstances, Maestro José and his family are now reviving this ancestral practice which was often used for elderly people who could not take the often long and arduous journeys by boat to physically receive treatment, or for those who had lost faith in healing.

  • “The dieta at Shipibo Rao has been a very unique experience for me.  It allowed me to merge into silence and peace to reach the higher concentration requested to connect with the plants.  It was here that I found back my previous dietas and establish a proper relationship with them.”

    Allessandra Coppola
  • “The impact to me has been profound, beautiful, and continues to unfold.  I have been treated with kind, mindful, and gentle support mentally, physically, and spiritually.”

    Matthew Powell Wickstrom
  • “Learning dietas come with other kind of challenges, I am profoundly grateful for all the preparation, guidance and care I received to enter that world.”

    Anne-Laure Vincke
  • “That place and the maestros made the experience very meaningful for me, and you guys made it feel most comfortable that it could be. I am very grateful to all of you for making it an environment where everything is ok.”


Our healers have many years, sometimes a lifetime of experience working with plant, they are masters of their arts. These are the main situations that the dieta will help you with:

Will support the healing and clearing of:
  • trauma, psychological or emotional blockages
  • ancestral karmic patterns
  • deeply-rooted fears
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • post traumatic disorder
  • addiction
  • long lasting and deeply rooted physical illness
  • heavy dark energies
Will help you to:
  • align to your heart
  • focus the mind
  • clarify and align to your soul path, your mission
  • reconnect to inner-self and intuition
  • awaken creativity
  • learn energy work
  • know oneself
  • connect with the earth, the elements and nature
  • re-energize
  • dream

Maestro José

Maestro José is the driving force of our center. He is the son of the legendary Shipibo Onaya (master plant-spirit healer) Maestra Ynes Sànchez Gonzales and  Maestro David Lopèz and a lineage of powerful and well-respected healers dating back hundreds of years.

Having apprenticed extensively first under his paternal grandfather, a Meraya (higest level Shipibo healer), then his uncle and his mother, since the age of seven years old, he received the wisdom of his ancestors, the Shipibo-Conibo cosmovision and sophisticated practices of Shipibo plant-spirit healing.

He honorably bridges the modern world to traditional Amazonian medicine and has been healing many hundreds of people locally in various rainforest communities and in westerners ayahuasca centers throughout South America.

Maestro José  assumes his role of service with benevolence and tender strength. His work is offered with love and gratitude for the medicine and plants that guide him.

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