Travel Requierments



As of October 28, 2022, there are no longer entry requirements corresponding to Covid-19 for entry into the  country.

If you need any travel information we recommend that you keep in touch with the Peruvian Minister of Tourism and / or your airline.   Please check the current requirements frequently prior to your travel via the contacts here below.


  • Our best and first source of information and updates is the Peruvian minister of tourism contactable via whatsapp message in English and Spanish,  at +51 944 492 314.  You can ask any question, if they do not have the answer they will redirect you to the appropriate place, they are very responsive. They can also give you quite a lot of information regarding the Covid tests when you leave Peru.
  • To check all requirements to travel to any destination and transit during any flights, see TravelDoc.
  • For live updates regarding Lima airport and arrival requirements, please visit .
  • The service channel of the Ministry of Health: WhatsApp messaging at INFOSALUD: +51 952 842 623  ( They take a while to answer, if they do at all ).  E-mail: [email protected]   ( They answer faster ).
  • You can also consult the consulate of Peru in your country and your airline.
  • For your return, see with your country of arrival.


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