Master Plants


Our Shipibo ancestors, discovered that certain plants had the particular ability to offer knowledge through dreams, visions, to increase perception and intuition, and to provide powerful medicinal properties. These plants were given the name of Master Plants.

Each plant has a specific field of expertise and area of healing, a spirit dwelling within that is able to heal with direct efficiency during ayahuasca ceremonies

When you enter the house of the plants, and give them your full attention, your full presence, your full love and trust, when you surrender to them with an open heart and mind you open a space for the plant to work on you. 

To meet and connect with the spirit of the plant you need to let go of pre-conceived ideas, expectations, the need to understand, pre-conditioned ways of communication and relax. 

Connecting with Master Plants

A master plant dieta is a traditional process of meeting and connecting with the spirits of the plants, to receive its direct teachings, wisdom and healing medicine from within. By creating a respectful bond with a plant spirit you ensure their guidance and assistance during your healing journey.

A master plant should be used with great respect under the guidance of an expert healer, their ways are mysterious and need to be understood in order to receive them as medicine for your lives.

We work with eight main master plants that guide and support our work, in some cases you may be given a plant not listed here to work with according to what the Maestro/as have seen during the diagnostic ceremony. For the participants who have not previously dieted, the maestros will select the most appropriate master plant for you, with patience and experience you will start to sense the call of a specific plant.





Piñón Colorado

Chiric Sanango



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