Scientific name: Nicotiana tabacum.Solanacae family
Shipibo name: Rumue

Description and uses of the Tobacco

Tobacco has been considered by almost all the ancestral traditions of our planet as the representation of the Sun, medicine to pray, connect with the great spirit and to do payments. The tobacco well used in medicine is not addictive, on the contrary, it is a support of strength, protection, direction and mental clarity. It is a magical plant that is prepared in thick decks of tobacco from which the “mapacho” is made, minced to smoke in pipes or wrapped in paper. It is the main tool of the healer who uses it during the ayahuasca ceremonies to clear the environment, frighten the evil spirits, and enhance the healer power.

The diet of the tobacco consists of soaking the “mapacho” in a glass with little water, it is left until the water turns red and charged; the juice is squeezed and taken on an empty stomach in the morning and not eaten all day (neither water or food); the times it is taken and the time of the diet is according to the prescription of the teacher. The tobacco is also mixed with other master plants to give them more strength. In other styles of “curandería” with tobacco, the “mapacheros” or tobacco takers who smoke and heal only with tobacco are known.

The magical world of tobacco is fantastic, as every masterful plant has its good part, which is healing medicine. The tobacco is a good tool of defense in the work of the healer, the acquisition of this knowledge during the diet should always be directed for the realization and practice of the good, focusing our path towards light and medicine.