Our Center


Our work is to protect the forest, its medicines and to perpetuate the Shipibo plant wisdom tradition. It is our joy to create a space in which you can grow and learn through the connection with the plants spirit.

We opened our center in 2018 on a 60 hectares ancestral land, intentionally, far from neighboring villages, roads and rivers to avoid noise and energetic disturbances. Our facilities and accommodations are built, in a rustic, traditional and comfortable way. We put all our attention into being as eco-conscious as possible

Our center is situated between 2 or 3 hours away from the Amazonian city of Pucallpa, depending on the season, in the Ucallay region, Eastern center of Peru.

In a beautiful, wide open landscape, close to the rain forest our home his a lush paradise vibrating with the sounds of nature and with silence. Life slows down and is punctuated by the rising and the setting of the sun, the phases of the moon and the seasons.


Vibrate with nature

Each participant is assigned a tambo which is a small rustic hut, simple and comfortable. It is in the tambo that most of the inner work is done, this space will quickly become your warm nest, your observatory for nature and your sanctuary to meet your plant in depth.
With no electricity or internet connection, a shower powered by fresh water from the well and dry toilets, the return to a simple life offers the perfect environment to cultivate deep inner reflection and hear the plants whisper their secrets.

The Maloca

The heart of our center is the Maloca. It is where we hold our ayahuasca ceremonies and our meetings. It is the point of connection with the spiritual dimension.

The Maloca is a sacred place and the strength of our center as it is where all the positive energies emanate from and the negative energies are displaced.  It is a space of strong protection.

 It is important to us to play our part in the reforestation of the Amazon and its medicine plants.  We are planting a medicinal garden and aim to be fully working with the resources of our land to make our medicinal remedies. In this way we want to cultivate a healthy relation of reciprocity with the Earth.


Feel comfortable

Our surveillance service staff provides the security you need during your stay at our center. Our administrative office coordinate all the activities of the center in order to provide the best jungle service for the entire time you spend with us.

How to get to our Center

The center is located in the Peruvian Amazone of Eastern Peru, Ricardo Palma´hamlet, Yarina Cocha District, Coronel Portillo Province, Department of Ucayali, The closest city is Pucallpa.

We normally meet you in Pucallpa or Yarinacocha at 10am or 1pm on the first day of the Dieta. From there, we escort you to our center. 


The fastest and easiest way to get to us is by air, flying to Lima, then to Pucallpa.
You can book flights from Lima to Pucallpa with Peruvian Airlines, Star Peru, LCP Peru, LATAM. 

Please note that most domestic Peruvian airlines run late, so we recommend to allow at least 3 hours transit time if flying out of Peru, more is even better.

We recommend you arrive in Pucallpa two day before the Dieta begins to give yourself time to acclimatize and rest and to leave at least two days after your Dieta.

By Air

Regular flights from Lima (1 hour) and from Iquitos (50 minutes) to the city of Pucallpa.

By River

You can arrive by river from Iquitos to Pucallpa (1021 km); the trip takes 3 – 4 days in the winter, and 6 – 7 days in summer as the river water level can get very low.

By Road

Lima – La Oroya – Cerro de Pasco – Huánuco – Tingo Maria – Aguaytía: 840 km (20 hours by bus during the dry season, we do not recommend you to take a bus in the rainy season!).


Pucallpa’s climate is tropical all year round, the average temperature is 26 ° C, with peaks that can reach 34 ° C on the hottest days.

Between October and Febuary it is the rainy season and average temperatures are 21.5ºC. We advice you to pack water proof clothing. You can buy water boots in Pucallpa or Yarinacocha. Bring warmer clothes for the cooler nights.  You can use 100% natural repellent.
Between May and July the temperature can drop to as low as 20 ° C, and 16 ° C in the evenings – we advice you to pack warmer clothes.

For precise information about the weather: https://www.accuweather.com/en/pe/pucallpa/261280/weather-forecast/261280 Upon registration we will send you a detailed list of all you need to get prepared to come to visit us.

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