Our Healers


We are privileged to count with the exceptional presence of powerful and experienced healers, who bring an incredible wealth of ancestral knowledge to our team work.

Maestro José Lopez Sanchez emanates from a family lineage of strong feminine and masculine healers and embodies a harmonious blend that infuses our work with profound strength, kindness, warmth and compassion.


Maestro José holds the main responsibility of giving you and overseeing your dieta, which may include remote help during your post-dieta when necessary. He is present in the majority of the ceremonies, conducts the private consultations and facilitates the instruction and sharing circles.

Our healing team comprises at least one male and one female healer, who assist Maestro José in his work during the dieta. They provide daily care for the Dieteros, administering plant treatments and offering assistance whenever required. They are present at every ceremony.

For years, Maestro José has collaborated closely with his mother, Maestra Ynes Sanchez, at her center,  Niwe Rao Xobo. To this day, they mutually support and assist each other.  Maestro José works in tight partnership with the Temple of the Way of Light and often travels abroad with his apprentices.  His unwavering dedication to his vision and mission drives him to initiate various meaningful projects and continually explore new territories, expanding his knowledge.

Meet our Maestros

Maestro José López Sánchez

His name in Shipibo is Sany Meny "The mesenger" - 40yrs. Working with plant for 32 years. Favorit plant: Shiuahuaco

Jose Lopez Sanchez, born in the native community of Raoboya, was given the name of his grandfather, the highly respected Meraya healer Jose Lopez, with the explicit intention of inheriting his grandfather’s invaluable knowledge and wisdom in the healing arts.

At the age of 7, Jose began the journey of physical and mental preparation to enter the realm of plant medicine. By the age of 10, he undertook his first dieta, a year-long immersion with the potent Shihuahuaco tree. Continuing his path of learning, he proceeded with successive dietas, with Niwe Rao and Noya Rao, from 11 to 12 years old.

At 13, after his grandfather’s passing, Jose continued learning with his uncle and mother, the esteemed Maestra Ynes. By 16, he started healing in his community, then in Pucallpa and across Peru. Now, Jose travels globally, alongside his work in the Amazon.

José possesses remarkable healing abilities, capable of unblocking and releasing negative energies while pinpointing the root cause of an individual’s issues, whether they reside in the body, energy, or spirit, in order to realign and harmonize the individual. Within his family, he assumes the role of protector. José imparts his teachings and communicates with a unique, generous, and accessible approach. During ceremonies and dietas, he demonstrates extreme tenderness, kindness, compassion, clarity, and firmness. Despite his extraordinary power and knowledge, José maintains profound humility and a fervent dedication to the boundless possibilities of learning and sharing.

Maestro Elias Rodriguez Nahuama

His name in Shipibo is Inin Suma "Kiss of Perfums" - 50yrs. Working with plant for 34 years. Favorit plant: Noya Rao

Elias  Rodriguez Nahuama comes from the native community of Flor de Ukayali, in the Alto Ucayali region.

At the age of 10, he embarked on a year-long Noya Rao dieta under his father’s tutelage, learning in the old way  that creates strong healers. After his father’s passing, he continued his training independently, guided by his father’s teachings. By 15, he began healing members of his community, gradually expanding his practice to include adults with more severe conditions. Over the years, he immersed himself in numerous plant dietas, under the guidance of his uncle. By 19, he was called upon to share his healing wisdom with Westerners in Ayahuasca retreat centers, starting in Pucallpa before extending his reach to the Sacred Valley and Tarapoto. He also provided one-on-one dietas to Westerners and mentored Shipibos who have since become esteemed healers themselves.

Maestro Elias is a compassionate and skilled healer, characterized by both his strength and empathy. His practice is rooted in love and a genuine commitment to aiding others. An artist in every sense, from his melodic singing to his meticulous preparation of remedies and intricate carving of pipes, his approach exudes beauty. His unwavering presence exudes stability, while his welcoming smile radiates warmth. When questioned about his specialty, his humble response is: “Healing. Everything, with everything”.

Maestro Elias joined Shipibo Rao in April 2023, becoming an integral part of our team alongside Maestro Jose. Together, they form a formidable duo, characterized by a shared understanding and unwavering integrity. Maestro Elias brings a constant presence to the dieta, holding space and providing daily care and support to the participants.

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