Master Plant Dieta


A master plant dieta is a deep healing work combining ayahuasca ceremonies with a master plant, allowing a long lasting healing work on physical, psycho/emotional and spiritual levels.

Each master plant has a living spirit within, with their own unique gifts, they are healers and teachers who become alive inside you through the dieta process.

The dieta, Amazonian technique of millennial use, consist of at least a week in the jungle in full or partial isolation drinking a Master Plant that the healer chooses for you according to your intention.

It is a delicate, complex and strict system of discipline that requires to abstain from certain energies before, during and after, such as; sexual activities, alcohol, drugs, red meat and pork. The food you will eat during the dieta is minimal and bland.

Master Plants & Ayahuasca

The work with the ayahusaca alone will allow a healing on the emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic level.

When combined with a master plant, they work together on a much deeper level, taking care of the situation from the root and also healing the physical body of very acute illnesses.  During the ayahuasca ceremonies the healers will work on you with the power of your master plant.  This work requires a rigorous discipline for which, one needs to be prepared!

Dieting really means growing the spirit of the plant inside you. Just as sewing a seed and giving it the time, the length of your dieta, to grow, watering it and caring for it. The spirit of the plant will then always be with you. Your plant is your personal doctor, teacher, guide and protector. It will open your path and help you in surprising ways, giving you what you need, as long as you can trust and be open to her.

This process is very personal and different for everyone.  The work with the plants can be challenging, they mainly teach and heal through daily tests and dreams.

Your desire for healing and the strength of your commitment is the drive that will help you overcome the challenges.  The more you practice trust, the more space you will open for the plant to work on you.  You will receive all the help you need at the center to overcome the challenges quickly.

Working with your Master Plant

Our maestros will guide you and take care of you, mainly  through their icaros, healing chants, but your plant is your strength, your teacher.  Our facilitators will be your bridge keepers, the ones you can talk to.  They will help you on a daily bases as well as during the ceremony nights.  But remember, help also means allowing the understanding that only you, can really do the work, and yet sense that you are never truly alone.

Once you pass the challenges, you open the door to profoundly precious gifts and experiences.  Freed from whatever is blocking your lives, you open to new dimensions of yourself and new possibilities.

You will be staying alone in a “tambo”, a hut, which will give you the opportunity to be fully present with your plant.  The more you remain by yourself, the more your plant will be available to you.  Its energy will blossom within you, deepening and accelerating your process in surprising ways.

Healing and Learning Dietas

There are two types of dieta, healing and learning.  Initially, all dieta when you are new to traditional medicine are for healing, until your body, mind and spirit are aligned to your purpose.  The apprenticeship dietas are usually from a minimum of one month to a few years.

Traditional Dieta

Our focus is to work as traditionally as possible with all the dietas we give, may they be groups dieta or individual dietas. The Maestros work with the guidance of the plants given in dreams and in the ceremonies according to how your individual process is unfolding.

With traditional dietas, nothing is ever written in stone.  The indication that we are giving you here is our attempt to give a guiding map as clear as possible.  However, each one of you is taken in consideration as an individual and all configurations are possible.  Don’t be shy to ask.

Group Healing Dieta

These are the dietas you will generally be staring with, they are healing dietas, from one week to a month.

Deeply motivated by the love to help, our Maestros are putting in you all the intentions that are required for your personal healing.  The setting and the group dynamic will allow you to start learning the path of the dieter in a safe way and with proper guidance.

A facilitator will be accompanying you during the whole dieta and will be available during your post dieta if you need to talk or communicate with our maestros who will keep their attention on you from a distance.

What to Expect

We do not work with a set schedule in order to be able to respond adequately to the unfolding of your process.

However, here are some of the common things you may expect:

  • Dieta instruction session with your facilitator.
  • A “vomitivo”, a plant preparation for vomiting to cleans your stomach.
  • Presentation of the maestros and their recommendations.
  • Individual consultation with the maestros to share your intention.
  • Diagnoses, healing/alignment and protection ayahuasca ceremonies.
  • Work and connection with your master plant.
  • Flower baths
  • Steam baths
  • Additional treatments if and when necessary; plants remedies to drink, in poultice or as a bath, massages, ect…
  • A sharing circle with the maestros half way and at the end.
  • Dieta closing and post-dieta instructions

The food during your dieta

Lenght of your Dieta & Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Two weeks dieta:    Five ayahuasca ceremonies.  Our recommendation is to start with two weeks, which will allow you to do a deep while taking it one step at a time.  You can however always ask to start with a longer time if you wish to do so.

Three weeks dieta: Seven ayahuasca ceremonies.  Once you pass the two weeks there is a noticeable shift that brings you into a deeper space.

One month  dieta:   Ten ayahuasca ceremonies.   You will be able to cover a wider range of situations in a deeper way with one dieta.

Cleansing your body and cultivating a pure ground will allow the spirit of the plant to grow and work within you. Traditionally, the food during dieta is bland, with no salt, spices, oils, sugar, red meat or dairy. Dry fasting will be your most effective tool to deepen your dieta.

Eating & Fasting

The food during your dieta

Your meals are prepared with great love and attention by our cooks who receive daily directives from the maestros  following the guidance given by the plants in ceremonies to support your process.

You will be served with one meal a day with rice, quinoa, wheat, lentils, peas, dieta friendly vegetables and as often as possible, fish, chicken or eggs. 

A dry fast, no food and no water, is an offering of gratitude to the spirit of the plants.  Very sensitive to it, they respond by deepening your process in incredible ways. Dry fasting is never an obligation as it’s a gift that has to come from the heart and is offered with intention, you will know when it’s the time for you to do it. We will guide you into it.

Application & Registration

The registration is done on a by application bases, you will have to fill up a questionnaire form. To be able to apply you must have participated to at least two ayahuasca ceremonies, which will give you the basic understanding of the kind of discipline you need to undertake this serious work.

Long Healing & Alignment Dieta - Apprenticeship Dieta

For these dieta, we work on a case by case basis according to the individual guidance and recommendation of Maestro Jose. They can last from one month to a year.

With time and trust, the long healing and alignment dietas may eventually lead to apprenticeship dietas.
Traditional Healing & Apprenticeship Dieta

From this point on, you will be more responsible for yourself in every aspect, especially when there are no groups in the center.  According to your level of experience and your intention, we will accommodate your dieta time around our groups calendar.  In all cases we need to know that you are well prepared for this work.

Traditionally we do not drink ayahuasca during a dieta, or not often. When you will be drinking, accompanied or by yourself, will depend on how your dieta is aligning.  When you reach the point where you can drink more, it will rarely be more then once a week.

You will be provided with food. When there are no groups you will be cooking for yourself with more simple ingredients.  Dry fasting will be a very important element of your dieta and you will be encouraged to do them as often as possible.

Healing and Alignment

These dietas are open to people who have already done one or two, minimum two weeks dieta with us or with other maestros that we know, such as Maestra Ynes, Maestro Jose’s mother.  In some special cases we can receive you if you have done healing retreats with us abroad or in the Temple of the Way of Light in Iquitos.

With this work you will be able to bring order to every aspect of your life with one travel. You will be cleansing, aligning and healing effectively everything in your body and in your life.  It’s particularly indicated for strong and complex situations on all physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual level.

The length of the dieta will depend on how long you are able to stay. The Maestro will make you a suggestion according to your purpose.  They usually are between one to four months.


The path to apprenticeship is rich and profound, it is a gift which is offered in trust.  The relation between the maestro/a and his/her apprentice is one friendship and family.  

We can only truly help others from the heart once we have healed ourselves, so that the power we carry inside is always inspired by Love.  Humility, patience, compassion and integrity are essential healers qualities.

We have to recognize the truth and the strength of our call, so does the maestro. He will cleanse, heal, align, see, discover, strain, and know when you are ready to undertake that journey under his guidance.

It’s a demanding path, that requires focus, dedication, commitment, responsibility, the tests are strong and they are many.  If this is your path, maestro Jose will be honored to accompany you into the fulfillment of your healing mission.

It gives us great joy to see people heal and align to their path and great joys comes out of dedicating one’s life to heal others, to fulfill ones call, ones mission.

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