Pre- & Post-Dieta


The most important aspects of the master plant dieta are the pre- and post-dieta. Which consist in a restricted diet and abstaining from specific activities to prepare for the powerful energetic work to be done and allow it to root effectively.

When planting a seed to grow a healthy plant, it is necessary to prepare the soil; to remove impurities and nurture it with nutrients. The pre-dieta will allow you to prepare your own inner soil so that your plant can engage with you physically, mentally and emotionally. The post-dieta will allow your plant to grow strong roots.

Preparation & Completion

Committing to your preparation and completion with the pre- and post-dieta preparations and integration is of the uppermost importance. The pre-dieta will not only initiates the cleansing of your mind and body, but also focus your energy as well as transmits to the spirit of the plants your intention, commitment and respect.

The post-dieta is the most important part of the process, more then the dieta itself.  It is during that time or after that you will start to witness the benefits of the work you have done.  During that integration time the healing energy of the plants, ayahuasca, and the energetic vibrations the maestros have imprinted in you will keep on cleansing you, healing you and blossom.

We encourage you to seek loving and nurturing environments pre- and post-dieta; to engage as often as possible with loving thoughts and actions, and to see any challenges that may arise from the dietary and sexual restrictions as part of the healing and gift to yourself.  Most importantly, have faith, trust, practice positive mind sets and relax.


A dieta is a commitment and a responsibility, not only to the plant but also to yourself. It cultivates a spiritual, and often an emotional bond between you and the plant spirit, and just like any relationship it takes nurturing, dedication, respect, honesty and ultimately, love, for it to thrive and grow to its fullest potential. 


Your relationship with your plant

The journey with the plant spirit begins long before your stay with us, as the plants are already connected to you.  They will start to test you months before and sometimes to manifest themselves years before.  In many cases, they stay with you for life.  The more care and attention you give to this relationship, the stronger and deeper the bond, the clearer the wisdom and easier it will be to integrate within.


The path of the dieter is dotted with testing.  That is the way of the plants to teach and heal, to find out who you are, get to know your heart, what is your intention as you approach them, how strong is your commitment, motivation and dedication, and how sincere your search for healing and learning. 


The plants will test you

The tests will start from the moment you decide to do a dieta and will present themselves in many ways.  Trough your relations with your family, someone in the street, the application and registration process, the flight attendants during your trip, the facilitators, the maestros, your fellow dieters, a mosquito…It is good to remind yourself all along the way that; “Everything is a test!”, observe the feeling the situation brings up for you, breath and relax.

The most important to remember when you are being tested is not to react. Sometimes anger, frustration, confusion…comes up for the purpose of healing.  It is ok to feel what you feel, but reacting to it, getting angry, prior to the dieta, may indicate that you need to be more prepared.  During the dieta and the post-dieta, it will make you cross your dieta.  Crossing the dieta means shifting the energies and the alignment of the work in process, which will be harmful to you. 

Plants are extremely demanding, they commend respect and humility when approaching them.  It is especially important during the dieta and the post-dieta.  That is why you need to know that you are prepared for a dieta, we will help you to see this during your application process.  Once you pass the tests, which we will help you with during your dieta, incredible rewards will come on your path that will transform your life beyond imagination.


There are many foods, drugs, and pharmaceuticals that could cause an adverse reaction to certain Amazonian plant medicines.  The biggest energy shifters, and most important to abstain from, are; sex, alcohol, recreational and pharmaceutical drugs, and pork.


Your pre-dieta

Please abstain from the following:

  • Sex (including masturbation, avoid sexual thoughts)
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Pork
  • Red meat
  • Medicine other than ayahuasca

Eat light food, not too spicy, too sweet or too fatty.


  • One week if you have previous experience with ayahuasca or master plant dieta.
  • Two weeks if you have no or little experience with ayahuasca.
  • One month if you are taking medications for strong physical and/or mental conditions that are not compatible with ayahuasca such as anti-depressants, MAO’s, or stimulants in particular.  You need to be off any kind of psycho-pharmaceutical and depression treatments for at least that 35 days, and 6 weeks for some specific medication, under the guidance of your medical doctor.  It’s important that you let us know what medications you are or have been taking.  Please read our medical guidelines before you apply for your dieta and contact us if you have any questions or doubts about it.
Your post-dieta

The post-dieta can usually last about a month, occasionally up to two month, according to the length of your dieta, the plant you have dieted, and the condition you came to heal.  Your personal specifics be will given to you at the end of your dieta.

There are two parts to the post-dieta.

Food post-dieta ( 7 days ).

Abstain from the following:

  • Red meat
  • Dairy products, nothing containing butter or other dairy 
  • Concentrated milk or cream, even vegan such as cocconut, rice, soya…Nothing too fat.
  • Chocolate and cacao
  • Industrial food
  • Fermented food ( tofu, sauerkraut, kambucha…)
  • Spices, including turmuric, curcuma, black pepper, chili…
  • Ginger
  • Seasoning and condiments (mayonnaise, ketchup, chili sauce, vinegar, mostard…)
  • Avocado
  • Papaya, Pinaple, Lemon, Camu Camu, Maracuya, Acerola, Grapefruit
  • Any acidic and bitter fruits are best to avoid
  • Industrial oils
  • Seafood and sea fish
  • Raw onions and garlic
  • Cold or icy food (ice creams, water or food from the fridge…)
  • Acidic food
  • Bread in Peru ( good artisanal in your country is ok )
  • Tea ( herbal teas are ok ) , Expresso/concentrated coffee ( weak coffee is ok )
  • Fizzy drinks
  • Rape, mambe or ambil.
  • Antihistamines
  • Avoid being under the sun for too long, cover your head, specially if you have dieted Shihuahuaco.

You can have:

  • Natural ingredients
  • A bit of olive or coconut oil
  • A bit of salt
  • A bit of sugar, preferably honey
  • Aromatic herbs
  • A bit of cooked onions and garlic
  • Cinnamon
  • A few nuts
  • Jungle fish, only: Tucunare, Corvina, Paiche, Gabitana
  • Out of the jungle only river trout and river salmon
  • Chicken and other meat of that kind
  • Light coffee, and light tea, coca leafs if needed for altitude sickness in Cusco.
  • Digestive enzymes
  • Probiotics after your food post-dieta.
  • Supplements after a few days.
  • Saunas and Temazcal are ok after a week.
  • Steam baths are ok

The rest of your post-dieta ( two weeks to two months, three in very rare case.  Most often around a month).

You can eat again normally, however go slowly, try to keep a good dieta as long as possible.  The following applys for the food post-dieta as well.

Abstain from the following:

  • Pork
  • Sex
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Other medicine than ayahuasca. You can drink a bit of ayahuasca by yourself. However having a rest is a good idea.
  • Taking medicine with another Maestro or Maestra
  • Receiving acupuncture or having a tattoo done. Nothing with needles.

Therapy work


You can receive body work/massage, depending on the kind of work. Avoid energy work or anything that could stire up emotions. It’s generally best to wait for any kind of sessions. Give the dieta a chance to do the work, don’t mix up too much and breath instead of running to a therapist when some test come up.


You can give sessions if you won’t have to deal with too extreme cases where people could have reactions and release that could shock you


Additional restrictions:
  • IMPORTANT: Please contact us if you are currently taking any medication or supplements.
  • Ayahuasca is not compatible with pregnancy.
  • During the dieta you will not be using soaps, shampoo or other toiletries other then natural tooth past or natural deodorant.
  • If your work as a therapist/healer, including serving medicine to people, or facilitating groups you may have to avoid working on/with others as part of your post-dieta.

Consequences of not respecting a post-dieta

The consequences for breaking post-dieta restrictions can range from discomfort to endangering your health; physically, mentally and emotionally, as well as affecting the Maestros’s health.  When post-dieta restrictions are not respected chaos can enter a participant’s life; illnesses, accidents, emotional and mental confusion, and a general lack of clarity in daily life and relationships. We share this to be transparent and highlight the importance of dedication and respect to this journey. When you complete a dieta you have been thoroughly cleansed within and energetically aligned to your soul’s path, but the responsibility for this energetic work to flourish and thrive rests with each individual guest. 


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