Distance Healing

Surrogate Dietas & Ceremonies

The challenges presented by 2020 combined with the ease of modern communication technology have opened a unique opportunity to reclaim a foundational aspect of ancestral Shipibo healing.

In many rainforest shamanic healing traditions, healers would often work remotely on patients located in far-flung communities through surrogate plant dietas and ceremonies, before working with them directly. The pandemic is restimulating this ancestral practice, making distance healing relevant again for those who are located far from the Amazon.

In the not too distant past, a first step of deep healing for many Shipibo patients would involve distance healing via ayahuasca ceremonies and surrogate dietas held by a highly skilled and extensively trained Onanya (Shipibo healer, meaning “one who has wisdom”) or Meraya (highest level Shipibo healer, who sadly no longer exist in this day and age).

This is a process in which a healer would drink ayahuasca and then connect with the patient in question through their intention. Whilst in a visionary space in ayahuasca ceremonies, the healer is then able to identify energetic blockages and clear heavy energies through the use of powerful ikaros (the songs of the plants). It is the plant spirits that reach into the taproots of trauma, clearing energetic blockages, then bringing energetic alignment and illumination. This approach lies at the core of the Shipibo healing tradition – whether in person or by distance. 

This is a practice that master healers (maestros or maestras) can develop over many decades of communion with plants and guidance from their own teachers. It requires a considerable amount of training, concentration, and commitment, both from the healer and the surrogate who is carrying out the dieta on behalf of the patient. 

The Ancestral Art of Distance Healing

The person receiving the healing does not have to be in the same space for this process to unfold. In the initial ceremony, the healer investigates you to understand what energetic-psychological-emotional issues are present in your system. From this “consultation”, the healer then determines a course of action which is typically a series of ayahuasca ceremonies carried out by the healer to clean energies, realign body-mind-spirit, and potentially to prepare you for future direct work with ayahuasca and other plant medicines.

Deeper work in Shipibo plant medicine healing generally requires a master plant dieta. Dietas involve deep communion with specific master plants prescribed to the patient by the maestro/a, depending on what healing is needed.

The process of dieting is not for the faint of heart and the rigorous nature of what can arise in a dieta can be a roadblock for many people who may not be ready energetically/mentally/physically for the difficult process. Other people may not have the time or resources to travel to a skilled maestro/a for a diet in person.

Shipibo healers traditionally addressed this issue through a surrogate/distance healing diet system. They would prescribe a plant dieta and enlist a surrogate (another person) to receive the dieta on behalf of the patient. The surrogate was a maestro themselves or someone who had already spent many years healing and learning from plants.


Maestro José and a team of five other Shipibo maestros are ready to revive this tradition. They understand the power of surrogate healing and recognize the world is in need of this system now more than ever before. Many of us are unable to travel at this time and some of us are unable to make the journey to Peru even under “normal” travel circumstances.


Surrogate dietas offer an opportunity for deep and powerful healing on mental, emotional, energetic, and soul levels. They also offer you the advantage of continuing to attend to your day to day life responsibilities and receive the work of the maestro whilst staying at home.

During a surrogate dieta, the surrogate essentially assumes your energetic imprint and consumes a specific master plant on your behalf, whilst receiving ikaros from the maestro (José) in regular ayahuasca ceremonies.

Throughout the process, the surrogate follows the protocol of a standard plant dieta which involves abstinence from alcohol, sexual activity, most foods, social interaction, conflict or negative thinking, and much more. Surrogate dietas are typically carried out for two or four weeks, depending on the severity of energetic blockages and misalignments in the system of the participant.

When “normal” ayahuasca ceremonies and plant dietas are carried out, heavy energies are released which are experienced physically, emotionally and/or psychologically by the participant. However, during a surrogate dieta, the vast majority of this processing aspect is carried out on your behalf by the surrogate. 


How The Surrogate Dieta Works

The surrogate dedicates their attention and energies to being a vessel for healing for the person they are representing. During the surrogate dieta, the surrogate experiences the "pruebas" (tests/challenges) that come with dietas on your behalf. These challenges often come in the form of physical pains, negative emotions (sadness, anger, anxiety), and mental challenges (overthinking, doubts, distrust, apathy).
Due to their training and many years of experience working within shamanic plant-spirit healing, the surrogate allows these experiences to pass through their system and as they are expressed and experienced, they are then subsequently released from your own system.
For some people, this level of deep healing is too challenging to process during the initial stages. Therefore a surrogate dieta is a unique way to receive profound energetic healing without having to travel to the Amazon yourself and endure too many challenges during this critical first phase of cleaning heavy energies.
For deeper physical manifestations and chronic illness, surrogate dietas can be a first step in the healing process to address the psycho-emotional impact the illness has had and to reach into and clear the energetic roots which typically stem from personal and ancestral trauma. Once the person is sufficiently healed on the non-physical levels, in most cases, severe physical illness also requires a long-term in-person dieta by the patient over a period of months.

For those with serious physical illness, the surrogate dieta can help you to restore faith in yourself, in plant medicines, in life, and in God/Universal Consciousness/Spirit for your healing. It can raise you energetically, mentally, emotionally to be strong, vibrant, and stable. This process can also give you the strength and will power to perhaps go to the jungle to do a diet to potentially treat physical illness.

During a surrogate dieta, you may experience medicine dreams (vivid, symbolic, metaphoric) and other internal processes. Some people may experience minimal physical responses such as light nausea and light emotional or mental challenges. In the vast majority of patients, these healing effects are not overwhelming in any way and may not even be noticeable. Typically, you will slowly and subtly begin to feel better and more peaceful as the diet process continues and especially once it is complete.



The healing work is held by Maestro José. He will work on you during various distance ayahuasca ceremonies, while two maestros carefully selected by him will each undergo the dieta on your behalf. This includes diagnosis, deep cleanse, realignment of body & mind, illumination of path & purpose, energetic maintenance, preparation for future work with ayahuasca, healing to tap roots of personal trauma, energetic realignment, etc.

You will receive:

  • 2 video calls with Maestro José and a facilitator: a 20-minute initial video consultation and a 20-minute call upon completion of the dieta.
  • The healing work, which lasts for a month, plus a post-dieta.
  • Email contact throughout the dieta with the facilitator and calls if necessary.

For more information and to register for distance healing, please send an email to [email protected]. Please include your name and brief summary of your intentions for seeking healing work. A facilitator will be in touch with you to answer your questions and to register you for the upcoming surrogate dieta.

All payments are considered a commitment and are non-refundable. We ask for  your patience and faith in the process.

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