Scientific name: Clusia rosea Jack. Clusiaceae family
Shipibo name: Renaquilla

Description and uses of the Renaquilla

Plant about 10 meters, grows on the trees. It has thick leaves, with white to pink flowers and oval green whitish fruits. The parts that are used are the leaves, the bark and the latex or milky resin.

The renaquilla is applied in the form of plasters for cases of cripples, contusions, dislocations and fractures of the bones. It is applied directly on the affected area. The infusion of the leaves is taken in water to cure diseases of female organs. The diet of Renaquilla has two powers: curative medicine and huarmi icaro. Renaquilla connects all of our bodies, astral, mental, bodily and spiritual, working on the liberation of emotions and aligning our mind, body, and spirit. In this way it is a good medicine to empower our power in the hands, as healers and/or artists.