Scientific name: Pfaffia iresinoides (H.B.K). Amarantacea family
Shipibo name: Onanyati rao

Description and uses of the Marusa

In the Shipibo culture this plant is considered “Onanyati rao”, which means plant to become a healer. The marosa is also known by the name of “Incaico”, that is, the sacred plant of the Incas.

It is a small herbaceous stem plant, with flowers. In traditional Shipibo medicine it is used to cleanse the astral body and reinforce the powers of premonition. During the course of time the spirit of the plant appears and asks you the purpose or the intentions for what you are touching his plant, as you progress you are shown in dream the Marosa’s magical world, her power and medicine and she teaches you the art of healing.

The marosa plant gives power of premonition through the dream, that is, what is seen in dreams is true or the facts happen in real life. The learning diet with the marusa plant is powerful, it provides the opening of powers of infinite dimensions, it teaches icaros with beautiful melodies, the cures become more effective. The marosa as a master plant has a world of pure medicine, with strength and power, and beautiful songs. The plant is jealous, that is to say it is demanding in the diet, the diet must be fulfilled at the foot of the letter as prescribed by the healer; the powers and all the benefits are incredible.