Piñón Colorado

Scientific name: Jatropha gossypifolia. Euphorbiaceae family
Shipibo name: Joshin piones

Description and uses of the Piñón Colorado

It is a small shrub with webbed leaves of dark reddish color. They grow by natural regeneration in the chakras, purmas and orchards of the houses. It is a medicinal plant used for the cure of many diseases. Between its uses, they emphasize the preparation of its leaves and resin for the plasters in corporal zones, that serve to alleviate physical pains. It is also a good ingredient for cleansing baths, purifies the body of negative energies, brings peace of mind and peace of mind. Taken as a reinforcement medicine in treatments helps and accelerates healing, relieves physical pain providing tranquility and rest. In the world of the master plants is a simple plant, easy to diet because it is not very demanding in the diets. Its spirit is manageable and docile, but with wonderful powers.

To diet the Piñón Colorado plant, its leaves are collected and crushed, then the juice is extracted; It is taken in fasting, which can be reinforced mixed with tobacco. The curandero apprentice initiates his first diets with Piñón colorado generally a diet of 3 months is recommended. With this, he acquires the basic knowledge of natural medicine, the first level of initiate. With the power of Piñón colorado one can cure simple uncomplicated illnesses such as manchari or scare, colds in children, depression, stress. It teaches the first songs of healing icaros, which are fundamental in the opening of the ceremony and the spiritual world, the simple cures and the closing of the ceremony.

The magical world of Piñón Colorado is full of medicines and master shipibos curanderos along with their Shipibo daughters very well dressed with typical clothes that dance to the rhythm of the icaros coming down from the spiritual world and invite you to join the dance of the universe, in its fullness of colors and splendors. This plant makes you immerse yourself in the wonderful world of medicine, the visions end with amazement, joy, dynamism and a lot of power.