Scientific name: Calliandra angustifolia. Fabaceae family
Shipibo name: Bobinsana

Description and uses of the Bobinsana

Bobinsana is a woody tree 4 to 6 meters high, with small bipennate leaves and colorful brush flowers, grows on the banks of stony rivers, resistant to floods and strong currents of water.

It is considered a “master plant” and is added to ayahuasca recipes to help healers connect and learn from plants on a spiritual level. Bobinsana is a powerful plant, an allied spirit, improves empathy, compassion, clarity and concentration. It is said that this plant roots the person more deeply in the natural kingdom, providing spiritual strength. The spirit of this plant comes from water.

The root bark is use as a natural remedy, macerated in brandy, and is taken to cure bone pain, rheumatism, arthritis and cold diseases. Children can be bathed with water from the macerated bark in the midday sun so they do not get sick and have greater resistance to cold.

Bobinsana is considered as a stimulant that provides resistance to cold and humidity. Formerly, the patient took a bath and drink the medicine with an empty stomach in the morning to perform extreme work under rain and water, such as fishing and wood. It is used as an aphrodisiac, gives strength and lifts the sexual potency of the male. A decoction of the roots is also used for cancer of the uterus and as a depurative (cleanser of the blood). A decoction of the whole plant (leaves, stems, branches, flowers) is prepared as a general energizing tonic. The diet of the plant of the bobinsana is ideal to acquire power of fight and combat against the adversities of the disease, the spirits of the bobinsana teaches you the tactics of fight and the strategies of combat.