Chiric Sanango

Scientific name: Brunfelsia grandiflora. Solanaceae family
Shipibo name: Chiric Sanango/p>

Description and uses of the Chiric Sanango

It is a shrub that can reach up to 5 meters in height. Among its healing properties is the ability to fight Leishmaniasis. In the culture of the traditional medicine Shipibo-Konibo, the Chiric Sanango is a plant that is taken to have a lot of strength and not to feel cold during the activities of fishing and logging; the man who takes Chiric sanango is strong and can carry heavy objects, can easily resist the inclement weather, fights laziness by making him active; the old man who takes Chiric Sanango is sexually powerful. Combat rheumatism, arthritis, avoid the attack of the flu.

You can marinate a portion of roots in alcohol or brandy for 8 days, add honey and drink a glass in the morning every day. The curandero Sananguero has extensive knowledge in the preparation of vegetable remedies, in the ceremonies of ayahuasca he performs deep cures, of complicated physical and emotional illnesses, he is a healer of respect and power. The magical world of this plant is the supernatural realm of large and luxurious hospitals, where the healer is the doctor, Director and Chief. In the vision he also shows you huge pharmacies. On the other hand, the Chiric sanango, opens the spirit of women, beautiful maidens, queens and princesses; a romantic world and beauty, is the world of “huarmi”. The sananguero shaman dominates the “huarmi icaro” that are the songs of love to align the relationship of couples.