Scientific name: Dipteryx micranth. Fabaceae family
Shipibo name: Shihuahuaco

Description and uses of the Shihuahuaco

It is a tree with medicinal properties that can reach a height of around 50 meters; of steep belts, 4 m high and 1.5 m wide; sometimes, in young trees, the aletones extend tenuously up the trunk, giving the appearance of grooved trunk, showing concavities and longitudinal convexities; in mature trees the trunk is cylindrical.

The seeds of this plant are used to flavor tobacco, in the perfume factories. In traditional medicine Shipibo is used for the treatment of spasms, heart and respiratory problems and earache, for which the seeds are mainly used.

As traditional medicine healers who diet this plant are considered as “paleros” or “shihuahuaqueros” who have the power to overcome all the evils of diseases, are healers who smoke a lot of mapacho at the time of healing. Like the tree itself, it has the virtues of giving strength and protection to the body spirit and soul, it is good to open the songs and its post diet is very strict.