The Shipibo Medicine


Many people in the world are attracted to new forms of healing and therapies. The last decades have seen ancient traditions of medicine open their doors to the modern world as well as new energetic therapies flourishing all around the planet. Many healing systems were rediscovered during these years. If they are often very effective it is also because they engage us into a personal process that is part of the healing.

In the Shipibo medicine this process is very personal and usually different for every patient. Nevertheless there are some common elements and experiences people can expect.

​In this medicine the patient is responsible for his/ her process. The main responsibility is being committed to the discipline of the diet and respecting its rules. It is this respect for the plants and the work they are performing on us which will help us reach our objectives. The diet is given by the healer at the beginning of the treatment and should be respected until the end, unless the healer in charge of your treatment gives you different directions.

The work with the plants can sometimes be challenging, especially at the first stages of the diet. In such moments, our desire for healing is the drive. It is the strength of our commitment which will help us to overcome the challenges. The more we focus on the outcome and our trust in the plants as well as the healer, the more space we will open for the plants to work on us. Usually these challenging times are short, and you will receive all the help you need at the center to overcome them quickly. It is important that you tell us what you feel, think and experience so that we can help you with your process.

Once we pass these challenges, we open the door to extremely rewarding gifts and experiences. Freed from whatever is blocking our lives, we open to new dimensions of ourselves and new possibilities in our lives.

During your stay at the Center you can take advantage of the isolation huts built all around the property. These “tambos” gives you the opportunity to focus more intensely on your plant. In isolation your plant will be even more protected and available to you. Its energy will blossom inside your system and accelerate your process in amazing ways. Your plant is your personal doctor; she can respond to any of your answers and help you in surprising ways. Whatever you need, she will be there to give it to you, as long as you can trust and be open to her

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